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Faculty of Management Studies offers the following programs:

Management Courses
M.B.A.2 Years
M.B.A. (Executive)2 Years
Ph.D. (Management Studies)3 Years

Why Study in Faculty of Management Studies

The Faculty of Management Studies focuses on management education more than just business management. The commitment is thought leadership with a deep understanding of business. The approach to pedagogy combines fieldwork, case studies and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory. The intent is to encourage intellectual curiosity and open minds to the adventure of ideas.

But much about the school is not just about what is taught within its confines. FMS has the unique privilege to be part of one of the premier universities world – the University of Delhi - with some of the finest departments in Economics, Law, Sociology, Commerce and Operations Research. Our collaborative approach involves inputs from various departments which gives the benefit of a much wider view and deeper understanding. This is indicated by the success of our alumni who are in positions of leadership in industries & governments across the world. The network of more than 10000 alumni gives students unmatched access to information, mentors and careers.

FMS rewards initiative, novelty and thinking outside the box. Our students are individualists of enormous intellectual energy with a talent for collaboration and teamwork. We are a diverse lot, possessing flair and dynamism that develops in a metropolis like Delhi and thrives on challenges both inside and outside the classroom. Corporate recruiters value our graduates for their intellectual abilities, their collaborative mind-set, their individuality and their ability to hit the ground running.

FMS continues to draw faculty members from world’s finest institutions and with diverse work experiences. The past decades have witnessed a significant growth in the nature and number of programmes offered at FMS. FMS has exchange programmes and collaborative arrangements with leading business houses, management institutions and professional associations in India and abroad. In appreciation of its contributions, the Industrial Finance Corporation of India and Amway Corporation have created Chair Professorships in Industrial Management and Entrepreneurial Development respectively. Shanti Prasad Jain Advanced Management Research Center as a research and development wing of FMS has been set up at the University of Delhi, South Campus with assistance from Bennett Coleman & Company Limited.

With business education at an inflection point, we must strive to equip future leaders with competence and character to address emerging global business and social challenges. The next three years I will be working for global positioning of FMS rooted in Indian culture and philosophy connected with societal cause for social efficiency and happiness. I have been working extensively on integrating these elements into organizational leadership and value based management; which is the need of the hour in order to create morally healthy, socially sensitive sustainable organizations.

Hostel accommodation facilities are available to the students of MBA (Full-Time) Programme at the Post Graduate hostels of the University of Delhi. The students should directly contact the office of the concerned hostel and apply according to their admission procedures well in time.

To know more about the Admission Process call us at +91-9538317377 | +91-7411666661

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To know more about the Admission Process call us at +91-9538317377 | +91-7411666661

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