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Delhi Business School offers the following programs:

Management Courses
M.B.A.2 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Management - PGDM2 Years

Why Study in Delhi Business School

Delhi School of Business is committed as best MBA institutes in India to developing, grooming and perfecting the potential of each of our students so that each one can be the best that they can be to meet their future career and life challenges. Delhi School of Business offers the PGDM, A.I.C.T.E. accredited program and stands apart for its dynamic curriculum structure that doesn’t just respond to market needs, but predicts them. Keeping pace with ever-changing business world, the School brings both theory and application into classrooms through learner-centric pedagogy and high quality teaching. We bring to bear our students’ potential and individual aspirations and in the process trigger the need in each student to define oneself in the rubric of achieving personal mastery, practicing continuous learning and critical thinking and becoming an invaluable member of society.

The Business School was launched after 12 years of research on business management and administration to meet professional skills demand. Our global industry network combined with cutting-edge teaching quality, provide our students with the best cross-section of dynamic management courses, world-class faculty, regular industry exposure, innovative pedagogy and professional skills training – offering real-life platforms for personal growth, work-readiness and fast career track. In line with our education philosophy, we go beyond merely skilling our students in their chosen fields to open students to the principals and practice of integrative learning, questioning stereotype thinking, appreciating cultural diversity and inclusion, inculcating intellectual and practical skills and practicing personal and social responsibility – the making of a 21st century global citizen. We equip you to develop your own personal brand built on the fire of practice in pursuit of perfection. If you are among the best and the brightest, DSB-VIPS offers you the opportunity to realize your potential and define yourself.

The mission of Delhi School of Business (DSB) is to equip students with skill-based, practical business management knowledge and analytical skills and develop their capacity to lead domestic and global organisations through adaptability, innovation and creativity. DSB facilitates the realization of the inherent potential in each student through experiential education that leads the individual towards a self-motivated path in aspiring for perfection, personal success, professional achievement and responsible citizenship.

Delhi School of Business aims to create a knowledge society by establishing, maintaining and promoting the Centers of Excellence in the field of business education, comparable with the best in the world and become a nationally recognized leader in business education among the private business schools and among top ten institutes in the county in the next five years.

Our students are in a learning environment that compels them to think across disciplines and open their minds to new horizons, even as they learn the fundamentals of business, they question stereotypes and foster creative and critical thinking. The learning process is strongly backed by participation in inter-university forums, cross-cultural business projects and public speaking and debates, creating a strong bridge between the industry, its experts and our students.

Delhi School of Business offers a unique Value Proposition to the PGDM aspirants who wish to build their careers in business management and aspire to join reputed organizations to competition with the best student of other institutes. Through its unique Outcome-based and integrated curriculum, oriented towards skill development to meet the practical needs of the industry and delivered by the top faculty (including former IIM professors and faculty trained from IIMs and other reputed Universities/Institutes). Delhi School of Business (DSB), offers the art and craft of business education which blends together entrepreneurial mind-set, international outlook, innovation, creativity, social responsibility and ethics. The DSB PGDM programme provides the student with a unique opportunity to attend a Professional Skill Enhancement Program on Creativity, Innovation and Critical Thinking at a top management institute. DSB PGDM program is the international programme as it includes international Exposure in Collaboration with the renowned London School of Economics London, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore and Asian Institute of Technology Thailand. The distinctively differentiate PGDM programme, with its extensive industry connection, provides an opportunity for the students in understanding internships and final job placements in the reputed organizations.

To know more about the Admission Process call us at +91-9538317377 | +91-7411666661

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To know more about the Admission Process call us at +91-9538317377 | +91-7411666661

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