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Mulshi Institute of Science and Commerce, Pune

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Mulshi Institute of Science and Commerce offers the following programs: Apply Now

Science Courses
B.Sc.3 Years
B.Sc. (Biology)3 Years
B.Sc. (Chemistry)3 Years
B.Sc. (Geography)3 Years
B.Sc. (Mathematics)3 Years
B.Sc. (Physics)3 Years
M.Sc. (Chemistry)2 Years
M.Sc. (Computer Science)2 Years
M.Sc. (Mathematics)2 Years
M.Sc. (Microbiology)2 Years
M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)2 Years

Why Study in Mulshi Institute of Science and Commerce

Mulshi Group of Institutes (MGI) is located on a plateau of Sahayadri mountain range overlooking the majestic Mulshi Dam. MGI is promoted under the aegis of Ignited Minds society (IMS) that is formed by a team of academicians, researchers and managers with IIT and IIM backgrounds. The Campus is spread on vast land, powerful beams of light and the strong shadows in the serene ambience of Mulshi provide inspiration to students to achieve excellence both in academics and for overall personality development. MGI was founded in the year 2009 with Mulshi Institute of Business Management (MIBM) and Mulshi Institute of Retail Management (MIRM).

The Institute encompasses a wide span of specialist areas, including Marketing, Finance, HR, IR, Supply Chain Management, Media, Communication, Health Care Management and Social Sector Management. Highly accomplished professors and corporate professionals support each of these specialist areas. Research expertise forms the foundation for teaching in the Institutes and is a source of innovation and dynamism that informs the teaching process. Faculty who are working at the frontiers of their subjects draw upon relevant well researched business examples and cases. Distinguished visiting professors and corporate leaders enrich the teaching learning process. The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Program is highly vocationally relevant and based on rigorous analytical approach. Student learning driven methodologies. Provide a sound basis and career development in business and various professions.

To develop a world class education to change the lives and careers of youth through business and enterprise driven education, to maintain spirit of responsible and justice to demonstrate superior professionals competence.

Develop well rounded professionals who can work in a global environment with comfort. Develop superior quality network with high quality educationists and professionals in corporate and social arena.

To know more about the Admission Process call us at +91-9538317377 | +91-7411666661

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To know more about the Admission Process call us at +91-9538317377 | +91-7411666661

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