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Techware Institute of Technology offers the following programs:

Engineering Courses
B.Tech. (Automobile Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Civil Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Computer Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)4 Years
B.Tech. (Textile Engineering)4 Years
M.Tech. (Automobile Engineering)2 Years
M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering)2 Years
M.Tech. (Civil Engineering)2 Years
M.Tech. (Computer Engineering)2 Years
M.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)2 Years
M.Tech. (Electronics and Communication Engineering)2 Years
M.Tech. (Information Technology)2 Years
M.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)2 Years
M.Tech. (Textile Technology)2 Years
Diploma in Automobile Engineering3 Years
Diploma in Chemical Engineering3 Years
Diploma in Civil Engineering3 Years
Diploma in Computer Engineering3 Years
Diploma in Electrical Engineering3 Years
Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering3 Years
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering3 Years
Diploma in Software Engineering3 Years
Diploma in Textile Technology3 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management1 Years
Certificate Course in Ultrasonic Testing (Leve1 I)1 Years

Why Study in Techware Institute of Technology

Techware Institute of technology is a dream of "Techware Foundation" a not for profit NGO, registered and approved by Government of India. Techware Foundation is social initiative with a motto "Education for All". Techware Foundation's aim is to educateenlight and empower its students through quality Distance Education, IT and Professional Courses and Regular Courses.Techware has more than 15 year's professional experience in Quality Education.

Although,Techware Institute of Technology emphasizes on Distance Education but not limited to Distance Education only. Students can choose from a wide range of 2500 courses available from best of the Indian Universities. All the courses offered by Techware Institute of Technology is approved by the appropriate authority like UGC , AICTE , DEC , BCI , PCI , MCI , NCVT , NCTE etc. and all the degrees are valid for all kind of government and private jobs in India and abroad.

TWIT believes in Noble Winner The Great Rabindranath Tagore's belief - "Shiksha Anne Chetna" (Education brings consciousness) , "Chetna Anne Biplob" (Consciousness brings Revolution) , "Bilopb Dai Makti" ( Revolution gives Freedom). India has one of the largest education markets as per a study in 2006 (in terms of the potential number of students) in the world. India has one of the largest populations of people globally under the age of twenty eight and growing day by day. Recognizing the huge potential, there are significant planned outlays for education sector in Indian subcontinent. The Indian education market is currently poorly-serviced, with only around 210 million students enrolled in more than one million schools (K-12).

There are well equipped spacious classrooms, drawing halls, laboratories, workshops and conference/seminar halls. A well stacked large library having state of art facilities has been developed. Laboratories and workshops have the best quality of equipments commensurate with the requirements of the curriculum of IP University and beyond. There are twelve computer laboratories, each equipped with the required number of computers, having latest hardware configuration and the latest software's. All the computers are networked through formatted LAN. The excellent Internet connectivity is provided via high speed dedicated optical fiber link of 200 Mbps capacity. Wi-Fi connectivity is also available in the entire campus.

The Indian governmentmachinery (both at the central and state level) owns approximately 85% of all of the schools in India. It is estimated that there are currently approximately 120 million students who should be enrolled in school but are not a part of the education system due to various economic and social reasons. The higher education system is also highly poorly-serviced with around 14 million students as of 3rd March, 2007 in 378 universities and 18,064 colleges. The private, not for profit sector owns over 75% of institutions and accounts for 64% of enrolled students. There is a need of more privately held, not for profit educational institutes in India.

On the basis of the above scenario it is not possible to educate all the prospect students through regular colleges in regular time. Distance Education can cater this gap and it is possible to educate all the prospect students through distance education irrespective of time and geographical boundaries.

To know more about the Admission Process call us at +91-9538317377 | +91-7411666661

Disclaimer: The information provided here is best to our knowledge. We do not guarantee the aptness of information. We would recommend to verify the information from Institute’s website as there could be changes from time to time. The above information is for information of students community in large and does not mean that we provide management quota admission in this College.

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To know more about the Admission Process call us at +91-9538317377 | +91-7411666661

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