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Why Study in SNDT Women’s University

SNDT Women’s University is the first Women’s university in India as well as in South-East Asia. The University was founded by Maharshi Dr. Dhondo Keshav Karve in 1916 for a noble cause of Women’s Education. The first five women graduated in 1921 from this University. The University Headquarters is in Churchgate Campus, Mumbai and the other two campuses of this University are at Juhu, Mumbai and Karve Road, Pune.

In a century old existence, the university has grown into a multidisciplinary institution hosting diverse professional, technical and liberal arts programmes from K12 to PhD. SNDTWU is probably one such university where there is Nursery school as laboratory for Human Development Department, Centres for Women's Studies, Inclusion and Exclusion, Distance Education, andhas affiliated institutions for doctoral programmes. Unlike most university's in the country which have to have state jurisdiction, SNDTWU is unique in terms of jurisdiction. SNDTWU can affiliate colleges/institutions anywhere in India with prior consent from the State Government.

SNDT Women's University is committed to the cause of women's empowerment through access to education, particularly higher education, through relevant courses in the formal and non-formal streams. The university is committed to meet the changing socio-economic needs, with human values and purposeful social responsibility and to achieve excellence with “Quality in every Activity” through vocational and professional courses for women. The motto of the university is “An enlightened woman is a source of infinite strength”. There are six institutions recognized by SNDTWU for Ph. D. Research. SNDTWU is a home to 1100 teaching and non-teaching staff members and 50,000 students spread across seven states and a union territory.

SNDT Women's University is in top 50 multi-disciplinary universities of India and ranked sixth in Western India according to the Week-Hansa Research ranking of 2016.

List Of Programmes

Master Degree Programmes Bachelor Degree Programmes Post Graduate Diploma Programmes
  1. Master of Arts (English)
  2. Master of Arts (Hindi)
  3. Master of Arts (Gujrati)
  4. Master of Arts (Marathi)
  5. Master of Arts (Sanskrit)
  6. M.A. (Ancient Indian Culture)
  7. M.A. of Interdisciplinary studies in Language, Literature
  8. Master of Commerce (M Com)
  9. Master of Commerce (M Com) Distance and Online
  10. Master of Science (Communication Media
    for Children)
  11. Master of Science (Nutrition and health communication)
  12. M A Education
  13. Master of Education (M. Ed.) FT
  14. Master of Education (M. Ed. Special
    Education:Mental Retardation)
  15. Master of Education (M. Ed. Special Education:
    Learning Disability)
  16. Master of Arts (MA : Educational Technology)
  17. Master of Arts (MA in Education)
  18. Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics)
  19. Master of Arts (Career and Developmental
  20. Master of Fine Arts (Music)
  21. Master of Visual Arts (MVA)
  22. Master of Science (M Sc. Home Science :
    Food Science and Nutrition)
  23. Master of Science (M.Sc. Home Science:
    Clinical Nutrition & Dietatics)
  24. Master of Science (M Sc. Home Science:
    Resource Management and Ergonomics)
  25. Master of Science (M Sc. Home Science:
    Resource Management and Interior Design)
  26. Master of Science (M Sc. Home Science:
    Human Development)
  27. Master of Science (M.Sc. Home Science:
    Early Childhood Education)
  28. Master of Science (M Sc. Home Science:
    Textile Science and Apparel Design)
  29. Master of Science (M Sc. Home Science:
    Extension Education)
  30. Master of Science (M Sc. Home Science:
    Human Ecology and Community Development)
  31. Master of Law (LLM)
  32. Master of Library and Information Science
    (M L. I.S)
  33. Master of Management Studies (MMS: Finance)
  34. Master of Management Studies (MMS: Human Resource)
  35. Master of Management Studies (MMS: Marketing)
  36.  Master of Management Studies (MMS: Operation Research)
  37. Master of Management Studies (MMS: Systems)
  38. Master of Personnel Management & Industrial Relations (M.P.M.I.R.)
  39. MBA retail management
  40. MBA executive
  41. Master of Education Management (MEM)
  42. M. Sc. in Computer Science
  43. Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
  44. Master of Science (M. Sc. Nursing)
  45. Master of Science (M. Sc. : Analytical Chemistry)
  46. Master of Science (M. Sc. : Microbiology)
  47. Master of Arts (Non Formal Education and
  48. Master of Arts (Geography)
  49. Master of Arts (History)
  50. Master of Arts (Political Science)
  51. Master of Arts (Economics)
  52. Master of Arts (Sociology)
  53. Master of Arts (Psychology)
  54. Master of Social Work (MSW)
  55. Master of Arts (Women Studies)
  56. Master of Technology (M. Tech.: Computer
  57. Master of Technology (M. Tech.: Electronics and Communication)
  58. Master of Technology (M. Tech.: Information
  59. Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharm. : Pharmaceutics)
  60. Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharm. Quality Assurance)
  61. Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm: Herbal Drug
  62. Master of Technology (M. Tech.: Electronics)
  1. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) English
  2. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Hindi
  3. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Marathi
  4. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Gujarati
  5. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Sanskrit
  6. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  7. Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.A) Music
  8. Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A)
  9. Bachelor of Home Science (B.Sc.) Food Science and Nutrition
  10. Bachelor of Home Science (B.Sc.) Human Development
  11. Bachelor of Home Science (B.Sc.) Family Resource Management
  12. Bachelor of Home Science (B.Sc.) Textile Science
  13. Bachelor of Home Science (B.Sc.) Extension Education
  14. Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)
  15. Bachelor of Law (LL.B.)
  16. Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Law (B.B.A. LL.B.)
  17. Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S.)
  18. Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) Physics Chemistry Botany Zoology
  19. Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) Information Technology (IT)
  20. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.)
  21. Bachelor of Social Science (B.A) History
  22. Bachelor of Social Science (B.A) Geography
  23. Bachelor of Social Science (B.A) Psychology
  24. Bachelor of Social Science (B.A) Sociology
  25. Bachelor of Social Science (B.A) Economics
  26. Bachelor of Social Science (B.A) Political Science
  27. Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)
  28. Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A.
  29. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) Computer Science
  30. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) Electronics
  31. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) Electronics & Telecommunication
  32. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) Information Technology
  1. P.G. Diploma Pre-School Teacher
  2. P.G. Diploma in Dietetics
  3. P.G. Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  4. P.G. Diploma in Sports Science Fitness & Nutrition
  5. P.G. Diploma in Communication & Media
  6. P.G. Diploma in Computer Aided Textile Design
  7. P.G. Diploma in Computer Aided Interior Space Design
  8. P.G. Diploma in Environment and Development
  9. P.G. Diploma in Hospitality Administration
  10. P.G. Diploma in Nutrition Food Processing and Technology
  11. P.G. Diploma in Food Service & Event Management
  12. P.G. Diploma in Nutrition Food Processing Technology
  13. P.G. Diploma in Food Service & Event Management
  14. P.G. Diploma Apparel Manufacturing & Merchandising Management
  15. P.G. Diploma in Fashion Design
  16. P.G. Diploma in Fashion Retail
  17. P.G. Diploma in School Counselling
  18. P.G. Diploma in Civil Society Politics
  19. P.G. Diploma in Education Management
  20. P.G. Diploma In Management of Learning Disabilities
  21. P.G. Diploma in Translation
  22. P.G. Diploma in Travel & Tourism
  23. P.G. Diploma in Computer Science and Applications


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