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Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science offers the following programs:

Engineering Courses
B.E. (Automobile Engineering)4 Years
B.E. (Civil Engineering)4 Years
B.E. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)4 Years
B.E. (Electrical Engineering)4 Years
B.E. (Electronics and Communication Engineering)4 Years
B.E. (Electronics Engineering)4 Years
B.E. (Mechanical Engineering)4 Years
M.E. (Automobile Engineering)2 Years
M.E. (Civil Engineering)2 Years
M.E. (Computer Science and Engineering)2 Years
M.E. (Electrical Engineering)2 Years
M.E. (Electronics & Communication)2 Years
M.E. (Electronics Engineering)2 Years
M.E. (Information Technology)2 Years
M.E. (Mechanical Engineering)2 Years
Diploma in Automobile Engineering3 Years
Diploma in Civil Engineering3 Years
Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering3 Years
Diploma in Electrical & Communication Engineering3 Years
Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering3 Years
Diploma in Electronics3 Years
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering3 Years
Graduate Diploma in Civil Engineering1 Years

Why Study in Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science

Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science (Recog. by "International Accreditation Centre for Distance Learning"-IACDL, FRANCE) have gained the auspicious status of being one of the best distance education institute in India. In the strategy of survey, we occur as the top marking institute in terms of excellence of education, placement witness, facilitating infrastructure, well-managed faculty, and many more. The total programme of us is plan-based that can reach the candidate to the uppermost level of success. Satyam Institute for Management Technology & Science is an international Distance autonomous B-school established Since 1998 under the SANDHYA EDUCATION SOCIETY. It is an ISO 9001:2008 & 9001:2015 certified. We are Registered with NCT Delhi and Registration No. (2015026913) under Department of Labour Govt of India (Act, 1954). Our Online Certification Education programme is committed to provide online training career-oriented educational programmes

Our objectives of the Online Education Programme is to provide high quality, value-based, career-oriented education to the student and working professionals. To facilitate students in understanding, developing, integrating and applying both core and specialized concepts and practices. To provide students with a stimulating and learning-friendly atmosphere so that they can utilize their intellectual capacities to specialize in various areas of study. We provide our students an environment for IT & Management training for ADBM, BBA, BBM, MBA, EMBA, PGDBM, DCA, BCA, MCA, PGDCA, DE, BE, & ME

Today, in every walk of modern life, information and communication technology has become the base for development in every sphire, including education. This new and changing demand for education has led to the inception of a new era, the era of Online Education, which has reconfigured the way a student learns. From home assignments/tutorials to web based instruction and online learning, Online Education has emerged as the most remarkable technology based innovation in education. Online Education has brought education to the doorstep of the learner and opened paths for progression to all Due to the Online Education is no longer the second choice, but is a preferred mode of education of an individual. Online Education endows an unmatched flexibility among its students by virtue of which even working professionals, entrepreneurs or housewives can look forward to pursue higher education and upgrade their knowledge, while continuing to do whatever they are doing. Today, Online Education makes a significant contribution in higher education as it has become the most relevant and appropriate revolution in the development of education to meet the challenges of access, afford ability and suitability.

There are well equipped spacious classrooms, drawing halls, laboratories, workshops and conference/seminar halls. A well stacked large library having state of art facilities has been developed. Laboratories and workshops have the best quality of equipments commensurate with the requirements of the curriculum of IP University and beyond. There are twelve computer laboratories, each equipped with the required number of computers, having latest hardware configuration and the latest software's. All the computers are networked through formatted LAN. The excellent Internet connectivity is provided via high speed dedicated optical fiber link of 200 Mbps capacity. Wi-Fi connectivity is also available in the entire campus.

Computer Software and Hardware training education is witnessing robust growth year after year. India is fast emerging as a world leader in the field of IT, Management, Technical and there is a huge demand for skilled professionals in IT sector. The education sector presents innumerable and unique opportunities that other sectors do not have. By becoming a part of this sector, you not only earn a respectable living but also play an important role in contributing to the development of society.

To know more about the Admission Process call us at +91-9538317377 | +91-7411666661

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To know more about the Admission Process call us at +91-9538317377 | +91-7411666661

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